Leshan Y Series- Hydraulic Machine with Accumulator Die Head.

Leshan Y series is targeting the production of chemical barrels, big jerry cans, water tanks, etc. With a platform lifting function the machine can adapt to different mold heights and different blow molding process requirements. Usually the machine is equipped with a gripper for article take-out and a parison stretching device and a blow pin on the bottom.

The machine has die heads and extruders in German design suitable for processing HMWPE.

Two or three layer machines with a special technology are available.
  • Diagonal tie bar clamping unit with synchronous movement.
  • The hydraulic system uses a proportional valves. All components come from well-known suppliers.
  • Automatic lubrication system to reduce workload of equipment maintenance.
Because the machine is designed for big containers, hydraulic driven mold sections can be driven and controlled such as movable bottom units or spouts with internal thread.
Y Machine (Hydraulic)
Model 30D 60D 100D
Mould Width a mm  650 860 1020
Mould Height b mm 700 980 1330
Mold Thickness c mm 225 225 250
Daylight Of Closed Clamping d_min mm 450 450 500
Daylight Of Open Clamping d_max mm 900 1000 1200
Effective Dimension Of Mold Plate  mm W×H 700x770 890x1000 1050x1350
Clamping Force kN 200 400 500
Head Volume    
2,5 Liter Accumulator head   X    
5 Liter Accumulator head   X X  
8 Liter Accumulator head     X X
12 Liter Accumulator head       X
Production example
Article Youtube Link
30 L https://youtu.be/GI01Ij8U8N4
Skiboard https://youtu.be/CWapQFQ2ZCs