Project layout and Planning;
Machine Selection

Our Project Centre checks together with sales engineers and process technicians the demanded production process and helps the customer to detail the project idea and select the possible machine and describes possible adaptations.

Accurate Calculation of the
Production Line Operation Cost

Our Project Center can accurately list the amount of investment for production lines and the production cost for the following year for customers.

Bottle Design + Mold Design

Leshan provides solutions for our customers that specifically suit their product. We understand the wide variety of shapes, sizes and materials together with their influence on the process. A good design is good looking and has no production problems.

Selection of Auxiliary Machine and Pipe-Layout

(1) Cold Water Chiller
(2) Crushing Machine
(3) Material Feeding System
(4) Air Compressor and Air Storage Tank
(5) Water Pipe and Air Pipe

All components are adapted to the customer in size and performance. Furthermore we help to layout the entire customer workshop.