Leshan Tornado full electric blow molding machine

Leshan Tornado is devoloped for the production of smaller special bottles. The swing motion of the clamping unit is very fast and very precise. A big advantage is the small width of the machine.

  • Single/Double Station
  • Single/Double/Triple Head
  • Production Volume:2ml~1L
  • Multi layers: Co-Extrusion 1-6 Layers

Leshan Tornado Swing Motion Clamping

  1. Swing Motion Clamping System for High Accuracy and Smaller Clamping Forces.
  2. Servo-Motor drive with planetory gear box for swing motion and for closing.
  3. Siemens User-Friendly PLC.
  4. Low Energy Consumption, Stable, Reliable
Tornado Series Series Full Electric
Model 280 300
Mould Width a mm 290 390
Mould Height b mm 330 330
Mold Thickness c mm 182 210
Daylight Of Closed Clamping d_min mm 182 210
Daylight Of Open Clamping d_max mm 330 470
Effective Dimension Of Mold Plate  mm W×H 280x300 300x350
Carriage  Stroke vertical/horizontal (mm) 150/300 206/400
Clamping Force kN 25 75
Max. die size of head (Berlin series) min. centre dist. No. of Cavities Single Double Station *
40mm; 1-2 layer 80mm D=2; S=3 D=3; S=4
60mm; 1-2 layer 100mm D=1; S=3 D=2; S=3
70mm; 1-2 layer 125mm 1 2
105mm; 1-2 layer 170mm - 1
120mm; 1-2 layer 190mm - 1
Production example
Bottle No. of Heads Center Distance Model Youtube Link
150 ml PETG bottle 2 layer 2 120 280 https://youtu.be/BVNxYwahni0


Extrusion Heads of the FOSHAN series are available for a lower budget on request!
Other Extrusion heads with more layers can have a bigger centre distance.
For example: 4/5-layer-60mm has minimum 125mm centre distance