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leshan die head blow molding

Leshan designs and manufactures state of the art die head. Our engineers have over 5 decades of combined experience and have provided designs for the most famous brands of blow molding machines

Spider Head

  • Center-flow torpedo design
  • Even distribution of material
  • Designed especially for high output processing of heat sensitive materials
  • Smooth runner without any dead angles
  • Fast color change
  • Easy assembly / disassembly
spider die head

Side Feed half curve head

  • “Parison over parison” mandrel design
  • No spider legs / distributors
  • No through-the-parison knit lines
  • Process most blow molding materials
  • Multi Layer Multi Cavity
Side feed half curve head

Spiral Flow Die Head

  • No weld / knit lines
  • Excellent layer thickness uniformity
  • Very thin barrier and adhesive layers
  • Rapid material and color change
  • Compact size and reduced weight
Spiral flow die head

Multi layer Die Head

  • Specially designed for 2 and 3 layer processing of individual layers of PE/PP with a layer of “soft-touch”, Post Consumer Recycle or UV resistant materials
  • Excellent layer thickness distribution
  • German designs
  • Wide range of material
  • Uniform pressure within the die head
Multi layers die head

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