Bush with grooves and integrated water cooling 

Extruder Bonn-Series

Diameter D (mm) 30405060708090100110120
Length Ratio (L/D):25252525252525252525
Motor power (KW) 5,515203045557582110130
Throughput (Kg/h) 183860100130190240300360420
  • Stable, high throughput with very good melt homogenity
  • Can process low MFI > 3 g/10min
  • Suitable for backpressure above 350 bar; Best choice for multi-cavity and multi-layer. 
  • Beside the 30mmm extruder, all extruders have a grooved bush in the feeding zone. 

Extruder Foshan-Series

Diameter D (mm)455565758590100
Length Ratio (L/D):21232424242427
Motor power (KW) 5,57,51530373775/90
Throughput (Kg/h) 142530100130160230/280
  • Cost effective extruder
  • Can process MFI> 12 g/10min
  • Backpressure max. 350 bar 
  • All extruders have a smooth feeding zone (without grooves).