Leshan-Standard Design for Accumulator Heads

Accumulator heads can accumulate the extruded plastic and eject it discontinously. 

For processing long and heavy hoses or materials with low melt stiffness you always have the problem of a too big parison elongation in case of continous extrusion. 

Discontinous extrusion minimizes this elongation and opens the process window. 

According the application there is a different focus on the head design. It could be a faster color change with softer HDPE grades as it is demanded in toy production or it could be a the ability for stiffer HDPE grades as you need it for the production of barrels or it could be the use of compounds for technical articles. Some application needs a long small hose and others a big diameter, which not always can be adapted by the die tooling only. Although Leshan has standard designs available, often the accumulator head must be adapted to the application. 

The volumes of the accumulator section we split up as followed:

2,5 liter / 5 liter/ 8 liter / 10 liter / 12 liter