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About Us

Leshan intelligent equipment is focused on extrusion blow molding, with custom mechanical designs, research and development, production, sales and service all available from one equipment company. Our quality blow molding machinery is designed to produce plastic bottles, containers and other large plastic parts in the Asian and North America marketplace, via blending German design and technology with local skill and ingenuity.
Founded in 1987, Leshan is now one of the largest Chinese bottle blow molding machines company and set a standard in the industry. Since its’ inception, our customer base has expanded greatly and now includes large multinational customers, as well as small “owner/operator” plastic bottle manufacturers
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Industry Leader

After nearly 30 years of research and development, Leshan is a national high-tech enterprise which import and export operation machinery worldwide. Our extrusion blow molding machines, with our continuous and strong R & D, are the most technologically innovative. We have the largest production capacity of all extrusion blow molding enterprises, with an annual production of blowing machine in excess of 500 sets.

True Partners

Currently, Leshan intelligent equipment offers an excellent sales service network, and promote constructive cooperation with many world-famous enterprises, China 500 companies, P&G, Mobil petroleum, Chinese petroleum, Mengniu, Yili, Wahah.

Global Know-how

Moving forward, Leshan intelligent equipment is setting an example for the extrusion blow molding industry, becoming a leader in the field of packing machinery and innovating constantly. Leshan is also focusing on production automation, networking, mobile Internet connectivity, big data, cloud computing and other new technology, to achieve diversification and intelligent production. At the same time, it is growing the business to global development, and overseas production base, to become a global reputation of a certain number of intelligent machinery manufacturing brand.

Focus On Innovation

Leshan people firmly believe that as long as the hard work, innovation, pioneering and enterprising spirit, adhere to the “music record high technology, good to help the user development” of the enterprise mission, by virtue of the brand building dreams, rely on pragmatic and innovative, “Leshan” will become a global leader in intelligent equipment, and customer win-win receiving golden hope.


Perfect Solutions For Any Industrials

K Series EBM machines

Leshan K series extrusion blow-molding machine is the most budget-friendly product. Although after years of technological upgrades, it still occupies a position in the market with high-level performance. It can produce plastic bottles of various shapes such as milk bottles, cosmetic bottles, jerry can, ocean balls and etc.

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U Series EBM machines

Leshan U series extrusion blow-molding machine is the most mainstream product in the market. It is well-known for its extremely stable performance. It’s designed for different kinds of plastic bottles such as milk bottles, jerrycan, chemical drums and more. Furthermore, it can work with various auxiliary machines to provide manifold production solutions

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FE Series Full electric EBM machines

Leshan full electric extrusion blow-molding machine is of more energy saving and higher accuracy. All parts of the eco-friendly extrusion blow-molding machine is full-electric controlled, which means lower energy consumption. Smaller motor makes bigger power. Lower costs barter high efficiency. In addition, controlled by electric motor, the FE extrusion blow-molding machine functions more accurately and precisely.

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Y Series EBM machines

Leshan Y series extrusion blow-molding machine, equipped with material accumulating die head, is suitable for the large-volume hollow plastic products such as chemical raw material bottles, paint buckets, automotive fuel tanks and water tanks. The special mold stretching function is designed for products with concave handle. Additionally, Y series machines can work with up-blown, down-blown, oblique-blown functions in accordance to customers’ requirements.

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Perfect Solutions For Any Industrials

Our Services

Bottles Design

Leshan provides solutions for our customers for blow molded bottles that specifically suit their product. By using our expertise and state of the art blow molding equipment, we can produce custom blow molded bottles in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Combining design and material selection assistance, we deliver products that look and function exactly as it should.

Quality Control

Leshan offers great production capability and excellent technology. We also have comprehensive production and quality inspection equipment. Our blow molding machines use fine workmanship, and made using high quality components while maintaining a reasonable price. Our blow molding machines are very competitive compared to other products within the same category

Spare Parts

Our goal is to provide you with the fast response you need, whether it’s spare parts, service, or processing assistance. We know that keeping your Leshan machines running at peak productivity is the key of profitability.

Technical Service

Leshan can troubleshoot your processing and technical issues remotely. We also offer technical assistance at your location, with our skills technician available on request.

Perfect Solutions For Any Industrials

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What Our Clients Say


Factory Manager of Marico Group

The blow molding machine was carefully designed, the product has a high performance to cost ration, machines are stable and reliable, people are professional and considerate. I like to work with LESHAN team every time I get a new EBM project.

Vitaliy Shchetinin

Project Manager of Lactalis Group

The parts were delivered in time, Technical problems was answered on line rapidly, and we are very satisfied with their service.


CEO of of Caps Packaging

LESHAN team is open minded and smart, they develop new technologies for our products and customize our machines in unique ways, which integrated many functions into it not available from competitors. They are a good partners for my EBM business.


Purchase Manager of NESPLAS, S. A

Timely supply, strictly implemented the delivery date specified in the contract, and actively cooperated to solve problems in case of special circumstances, which is worthy of long-term cooperation.

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